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still poses a severe security threat to the world. After the horrendous Paris attacks, which claimed 17 lives and prompted a global uproar against terrorism, Andrew Parker, head o

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un against Dilma Rousseff, who is seeking reelection as the candidate of the left-leaning Workers' Party. Only one out of the 29 members of the PSB leadership voted to back Roussef

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resolution will now face a vote in the full Senate, although the House of Representatives on Friday rejected a similar plan. If passed, the measure would authorize the Obama admin

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llion U.S. dollars to 245 billion dollars. The study also shows the expected employment gains, by sector and state, for each additional increment of natural gas being produced to

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hey made their invitation-only debut to some important guests at the Toronto Zoo. Ahead of its official public opening on Saturday, nearly 200 politicians, dignitaries and other VI

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reat against American citizens in Metro Manila has been detected by reliable security forces. In response to the threat, U.S. Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr. ordered the increase in se

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